If It Isn't Broken, Fix It!

March 1, 2017

One of the most obvious observations I have made in the last ten years, and more significantly during the recent generational transition, is that nothing is constant. Many corporations were caught unprepared to deal with the sharp changes in the market place.

For many, many years the approach “if it’s not broken, don’t fix” was a leading approach in the business world. I say on the contrary, in today’s world the more appropriate approach should be “If it isn’t broken, do fix it” is more apropos than ever.


Complacency is the prime “killer” of innovation, progression and organizations ability to move forward. It has also been said before that “if you do not move forward, you are moving backwards” I believe that is even more accurate to say today. “If you do not move forward, you move out”. (Out of business that is).

In the fast pace of today’s business world, you are as good as yesterday results. The ability of any organization to bank on their success, in a matter of quarters, weeks, or in some cases, days is now inconceivable. It is OK to “feel” comfortable and or celebrate your successes for a moment, yet do not let it get to your head too much, as your competitors are already strategizing on how to beat you in your own game.

They are using the same channels of outreach, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and such others and they are talking to your customers as well, uncovering and capitalizing on your company’s weaknesses sometimes before even you do.

In today’s marketplace, complacency is a death warrant!

I have discussed this with an executive in a fortune 100 company; he describes this phenomenon as being fearful and in the same time discourages developing “paranoia”. As I have described to you about my SEAL training, the ability to be intense and relaxed in the same time is the key. Do not loss you edge and never panic.