How Sidepitch works for Investors

Sidepitch is an End-To-End Venture Management System. Get early access to an industry shattering platform.

Open Deal Flow

A global deal flow of investment opportunities that is organized, searchable, and filterable based on your preferences and needs.

Private Pitchmark Management

Create a private deal flow on the fly, using their unique Pitchmark™. You can invite startups to privately pitch that can only be viewed by your firm.

Startup Pitchfolio™

A unique startup Pitchfolio™ format that outlines, organizes, and visually displays all of the necessary information you need to properly vet an opportunity.

PitchView™ Validation

Using the CrowdVetting™ survey engine and a progressive AI further vet the opportunity, all available within the click of a button.

Comprehensive Startup Pitchfolio

A Pitchfolio™ designed by investors for investors gives you the ability to drill down to the most granular level of detail of the startup.

Collaborative Online Due-Diligence

Create, organize, and share a team-oriented due-diligence workflow from start to finish, to maximize productivity and output.

Confidential Two-Way Communication

Securely manage all of your internal and external communications on one platform, anytime on any device.

Access to a Searchable DealRoom™

Share due-diligence history, investment information, and more between connected investor groups, Venture Partners, and Investment Syndicates for maximum efficiency.

Transaction Doc & Workflow

A complete library of the investment process and legal documents, with secure online signatures and event timeline.

Term Sheet Management

Create and manage the Term Sheet workflow. Everything from negotiation, editing, finalizing can all be completed online.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Access to current and past market data that is automatically tailored to your current investment opportunity.

Private Syndicate Management

Invite, create, and manage your firm’s Venture Partners Syndication. Share and collaborate on hot deals and manage your portfolio.

CRM (Email/Schedule/Video/Voice)

A comprehensive CRM that allows you to manage your firm’s relationships. Integrate with Outlook and Google accounts for seamless productivity, and access the video and voice capabilities on your mobile devices.

Meeting & Scheduling Management

A dynamic platform to manage your firm’s internal and external meetings in an organized and synchronized workflow environment.

Action/Project Management

Create, spec, and manage all of your firm’s projects with robust actions, tasks, and activities via a visually smart platform.

Interactive Portfolio Management Dashboard

Create and manage your entire investment portfolio online with a customizable dashboard, including startup financial reporting, a performance matrix, and visualization of market trends.

Centralized Equity Exchange - CEE

A first-of-its-kind exchange that allows the investor to advertise their equity position(s) as “for sale” to other qualified investors and corporate ventures globally.

Investors Deal Board

An innovative platform that allows investors to connect, collaborate, leverage and syndicate their investments with other investor groups.

Buyer/Seller Offering Workflow

Conduct all offers, negotiation and finalization of the transaction online using the secure investor DealRoom™.

Transaction Workflow

Create, manage and organize the paper trail for your firm’s private and secure DealRoom™, from any device anytime anywhere.

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